Stories of America History

This page will feature stories about a wide range of topics on American History.

Story #1 – 2016 election had mud slinging but nothing compared 1828.  

One called other a “pimp” for Russian Czar, other said opponent’s wife a “whore.” Adams supporters called Jackson a murderer in pamphlet showing row of six coffins.  Jackson fought back, attacking Adams as elitist aristocrat who broke Sabbath.  Anti-Adams propaganda charged he provided many young American virgins for czar of Russia during tenure as diplomat. Both candidates’ wives attacked.. Adams camp discovered Jackson courted wife, Rachel, before divorce previous marriage finalized; constituted sin in morals of day. Adams’ wife, Louisa, born in England scorned as “foreign” and anti-America. . Election boiled down to: Do you want vote someone whose wife is whore or you want vote someone who pimped innocent American girls for czar of Russia?