10. Stories from Middle Ages, Knights and Castles

Story #1 –  One famous, greatest women World History, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

One most wealthy, persuasive figures 12th Cent. Europe- Duchess of Aquitaine, biggest, richest region of France, most eligible single of her generation. First husband, King France had marriage annulled by Pope as no sons born. She then married Henry, future king of England. Henry’s affair Rosamund Clifford became known to Eleanor, she separated from Henry. Their sons, Richard and John then plotted overthrow Henry. Eleanor backing son’s plans against Henry and suspicion played role death of Rosamund, led her arrest. She put in prison 16 years. Her sons see her once year at Christmas for week. Richard, oldest, became King Richard Lion Heart. Prince John had deal with Robin Hood, when refused pay ransom to Germans captured Richard.