11. Stories and History of the American Civil War

Story – Civil War started in his front yard and ended in his front parlor

In 1861, the First Battle of Bull Run was fought primarily on the farm of Wilmer McLean through which ran Bull Run Creek. His farm house was the headquarters of the Confederates under General Beauregard. The house was damaged by Union shells. He survived and moved his family back in to start over. When the Second Battle of Bull Run was fought on his farm land, he had had enough. He moved his family to a far away, quiet little town in western Virginia called Appomattox  Court House. On April 9, 1865, he was walking in the town when Union soldiers on horseback stopped him and asked if he knew someone who would let them use his house. He relented. The purpose of the use was for Union General U. S. Grant to meet Confederate General Robert e. Lee to end the Civil War. They signed the surrender papers in his front parlor. His house was the bookends to the Civil War – it began in his front yard and ended in his front parlor.



Story  – A quote by one of my favorite individuals in history – Abraham Lincoln.