8. General William Jackson Palmer, Founder of Colorado Springs

General William J. Palmer

I have just added this summer my presentation on General Palmer. So, I ask you to be patient with me as I develop this page.  In this presentation I will not be in  costume as General Palmer but will be in costume as a Sgt. in the 15th Penn. State Volunteer Cavalry which Palmer commanded. 

Pictures and other information will be added to this page very soon. Please come back and visit again.

I will appear in my presentations as a Sgt. in the 15th Penn. Volunteer Cavalry,

which Gen. Palmer commanded in the Civil War. The time period of the

presentation will be 1907, so I will be in my late 60s. 1907 was the year in which

General Palmer was unable to attend the annual reunion of the 15th Penn.

which was normally held in Philadelphia. Because of a fall from his horse,

Palmer could not attent. Instead, he paid full expenses for any who wanted to

attend in Colo. Sprs. Having been asked by the General to speak to a group of

local citizens, I will be doing so in whatever group my talk will involve.





























Pictures of General Palmer

 General Palmer, second seated, and his staff  General Palmers daughters in England
 Palmer and his daughter after fall from horse  Palmer with his parents
 Palmer and his wife “Queen” Palmer  Home, Rock Ledge Ranch, built for wife’s sister
 Queen Palmer on her wedding day  Queen Palmer
 General William J. Palmer  Queen Palmer with her sisters
 Uniform of cavalry soldier in Civil War  Description of equipment of Union Cavalry soldier

More pictures of General Palmer and people in his life.

First row, second picture is Queen Palmer and daughter. Second row, second is his

daughter on her wedding day. Jefferson Davis daughter’s picture is included because

Palmer became friends with Davis at end of Civil War – Davis decided his family

needed to leave the South after the War and contacted Palmer about

 moving to Colo. Sprs. which he did. He bought a house at 1216 N. Cascade,

his daughter was friends with Palmer and the family still lives here.

15th Penn. Cavavlry Banner
General Palmer and his dogs
Three daughters of General Palmer Daughter of Jeff Davis
 General Palmers daughters