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Making History Come Alive!

“History doesn’t repeat itself,

but it does rhyme.” 

Mark Twain

“The further backward in history you look, the further forward you can see.”

Sir Winston Churchill

“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child”      

 Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Statesman


It is January 17th, 2017 and my “vacation” “hiatus” “leave of absence” being General George Washington.

I felt I needed a break from doing General Washington with over 250 presentations/programs over past nine years. In my “leave of absence” I grew a beard and had some “time away” from my most favorite person in history. I feel refreshed and eager to be “General Washington” again – so if anyone, schools,  civic groups, churches, private parties are interested in spending an hour or whatever with the General, I am back on duty to serve my country. Picture below left is “vacation” photo with one of my top favorite all-time students, Shelly Raney. Below right is “back on duty in uniform” to serve. Center doing Minuet during presentation, Right is General Washington.












Because of that, I am modifying my web page to include History Stories that I have taught, read about or know.

A couple pages will still be devoted to my history presentations, but all others will offer stories and pictures from specific events, time periods in history. For example: “Interesting stories about World War I” “Native Americans and their history” and so on. My presentations are for the lovers of history – so too, the other pages will be for lovers of history as well.

Sons of American Revolution annual George Washington Birthday Awards Banquet

Every year on the Saturday before George Washington’s birthday of Feb. 22, the state wide SAR holds an awards banquet to honor first responders. As Washiington urged citizens to “serve and aid each other for a more safe and secure nation” so too SAR honors these individuals. I had the extreme honor to meet, visit with and honor several police officers and fire fighters in Colorado. What a joy it was to do so with these two Denver fire fighters who put on special equipment and entered, often on all fours, into a raging house fire this year to rescue an 8 year old girl trapped on the second floor. Honored other such fire fighters and police officers – not room for all photos, but this time was among most precious in my time as George Washington. This was held in Denver Feb. 18th, 2017.


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July 4th, 2016 – Rock Ledge Ranch annual July 4th Celebration. Been going for 7 years – (left to right) T. Roosevelt, G. Washington, W. J. Palmer,  Katheryn Lee Bates. A. Lincoln.


“Bigfoot” entered the Garden of Gods Visitors Center recently and scared tourists and staff alike. Fortunately, I was getting ready to do program for tourists on Mountain Man Jeremiah Johnson. I rushed to the scene and after scary confrontation chased him off. What a day that was!!

Below: Flag Day, June 14th, 2016 at Mt. Genevese, Denver Mountain Parks System. DAR and SAR celebrate the 100th Flag Day. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14th to be Flag Day in 1916. June 14th, 1777 was day that Continental Congress approved the Flag as official Flag of the newly formed United States. June 14th also day in 1775 that Congress officially established the Continental Army as fighting force for independence – birth of U. S. Army.                                            Picture is of Sons of American Revolution Color Guard (part of) with General Washington at ceremony in Denver.

P1010368 (2)


Above: At July 4th Celebration at Rock Ledge Ranch.

Immediately below: Photos taken at February Meeting of Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club. Wonderful organization – a great time and such a good audience. Special thanks and great appreciation to President  Susan Puryear, and Program Chairs Karen Thomas and IsaBelle Rowsey.

Cheyenne Mt. Newcomers 2  Cheyenne Mt. Newcomers 3
CMNC 1  Cheyenne Mt. Newcomers 5

Below: Appear and speak annually at Denver Flag Day in June ceremony sponsored by Denver City Parks. Appear with honor guard and riflemen from Colorado Springs Chapter of Sons of American Revolution (SAR) counterpoint to DAR)

 Making History Come Alive reenactor Dave Wallace, appearing as George Washington, dances the minuet with Maddy Johnson, 10, during a presentation to two fifth grade classes at the Evangelical Christian Academy Wednesday, February 12, 2014. Michael Ciaglo, The Gazette
 OCCHS_Feb2015online copy
TOP: Dave Wallace (as George Washington) shows Alexis Allen an 18th- century dance during his presentation/reenactment at the History Center. Dancing was a pleasure for the nation’s first president. The uniform is in keeping with what Washington wore as the Continental Army’s general in the Revolutionary War. According to Wallace, a Colorado Springs resident who taught in local schools for 40 years.


Life and Times of George Washington


 Presented by Palmer Lake Historical Society at Palmer Lake Town Hall    October 15, 2015

The Palmer Lake Historical Society invites the public to a presentation by Dave Wallace on George Washington, the Father of our Country.  Washington was the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and the first President of the United States.  He presided over the convention that drafted the United States Constitution.  During his presidency, many precedents were established, including the cabinet system, the inaugural address, and the title “Mr. President.”  Dave Wallace is a former Colorado Springs teacher.  Wallace taught for over 40 years and traveled extensively.  His passion is bringing historical figures to life for folks of all ages.  For his program, Wallace will appear in period costume and provide a stirring portrayal of George Washington – the man and the legend.

  Below: At Fall event for Patriots Day, October 2014, in Morrison Colorado.
 Patriots Day 2014. 11
To look at a u tube video of the 2013 Veterans Day Parade in Colorado Springs go to:

To look at the 2015 preview of the Colorado Springs Veterans Day Parade go to:


To see 3 and 1/2 minute video   of my visit as General Washington to ECA elementary school on Feb. 17th (Presidents Day), 2014 – please click on:



Below: At the annual July 4th Celebration at the Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs.
Appear every year at Rock Ledge Ranch along with members of the Sons of the American Revolution – set up a
American Continental Army camp and talk to, have pictures taken with visitors to celebrate the 4th of July. Every years a reenactor
who does President Lincoln and I also do a short talk/speech 10 minutes each about American and the 4th at the main program at noon.
Right Below:  At the annual Veteran’s Day Parade in Colorado Springs – Nov., 2012.
Other pictures include presentations Mountain Man at local school,  as General George
Washington (speaking at First Lutheran Church of Colorado Springs in Feb., 2013
for Presidents Day), and Lt. Zebulon Pike at local school.




 Abigail Adams and General George Washington
Above and below: At the annual Independence Day, July 4th celebration at the Rock Ledge Rance, Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.